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Student / Home

Student/HomeStudents and individuals working from home want the impressive look and feel of a professionally bound report or presentation – but they may not have the big corporate budget to purchase a binding machine. Bind America is here to help! Plastic spiral binding is the only mechanical binding that does not require a machine to insert the binding. Working with pre-punched paper and report covers – you can simply run this pre-punched stock through your printer and then hand wind the coil binding through the punch holes. Hand-held crimping pliers enable you to cut off the excess coil and crimp the ends (to keep it from unwinding out of the book). It’s that simple! With coil binding, even the student or individual working from home can produce professionally finished documents and reports – easily and cost-effectively.

Have a look at our pre-assembled Report Binding Kit – to provide you with sufficient pre-punched paper/ report covers / and coil binding to produce up to 25 reports. As an alternative, consider our 500 sheet packs of pre-punched paper and partner that with your choice of report covers and coordinating color of 25 or 100 packs of coil binding. Plenty of nice strong colors for covers and coil to choose from that will give your report / thesis / or presentation the look and feel of a polished professional.

The 25 packs of PLASTIKOIL® coil binding are available in the very popular colors of  Black / White / Clear / Silver / Navy / Burgundy / Blue / Red / and Forest Green. As an alternative, our 100 packs of coil give you the option of selecting any one of the over 45 different available PLASTIKOIL® coil binding colors. Get creative!

There are smaller binding machines available for the student or home office that are very compact and affordable. The PBS 11 and PBS 14 Personal Punches enable you to punch 3 sheets of paper at a time. Coil binding is then hand wound through the punch holes and finished with the crimping pliers. These machines are small and lightweight – fitting easily into a briefcase or backpack.

Double loop wire binding and comb binding both require a machine to hold the binding while the pre-punched pages are placed onto the wire /comb and the same machine will then assist the operator in closing the binding in place.

All of these options provide the student and home office the ability to produce professionally bound reports or presentations.