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Binding Equipment


Price: $659.00

Recommended for:

  • Small Office/Home Office
  • Copy Shop/On-Demand
  • Full Service Printer/In-Plant
  • High Volume In-Plant/Trade Bindery

A simple, inexpensive binding system that meets the demands of any business looking to produce professionally bound reports or documents. Definitely an image enhancer! Now available in Plus+ models with the oval shaped punch holes for increased productivity when coil inserting, especially on thicker books.

Comes Complete


  • Manual Punch
  • Finishing Pliers
  • Koil Size Calculator
  • Instruction Booklet (with photos)

Punch Capacity

  • 15 sheets (20 lb. bond) per lift

Document Capacity

  • Hand insert coil on projects up to 1 7/8" in thickness (48mm)

Disengagement Punch Pins

  • 8 ½" - 11" – A5 – A4 – 14" binding edges (on standard unit)
  • Every pin can be disengaged on the Plus+ unit


  • Punch and coil bind documents and reports quickly and efficiently – at your convenience.
  • Punch the pages – Insert the coil by hand – And finish the ends. Sound simple? It is!
  • A PLASTIKOIL® bound report presents a very contemporary, professional image.
  • Standard Model - 4:1 Pitch Round hole
  • No electricity required
  • 13" max punch length (open ended to allow for punching longer sheets)